New in: (nude) fashion

We are proud to be able to present to you one of our new brands. New in at Artishock is (nude) fashion, thé Italian fashion brand for luxury knitwear!

New in at Artishock is the Italian brand (nude). (nude) was founded in 1998 by the Italian designers Luana Rivi and Marinella Sighinolfi. 

The name behind the brand, (nude), is the epitome of pure, simple and transparent. Perfectly aligned with the mission, journey and feelings behind the brand. The goal of the two designers is to create exceptional knitwear with a recognisable style and a well-defined identity. The type of knitwear you always have looked for but never found in the shops.



The brand is all about the perfect balance of sensual, sophisticated femininity interwoven with contemporary simplicity. Luxurious, modern and above all comfortable pieces with knits of unprecedented quality.

(nude) FW2016 new in

For years the designers of the brand researched yarns, fabrics and volumes, to be able to create the perfect combinations of material and to create the right balance, matching the name (nude).


The brand (nude) began with a long friendship between the designers Luana Rivi and Marinella Sighinolfi and their mutual passion for fashion. Together they play to with their designs which results in amazing collections of unique knitwear. Items you need to have in your wardrobe!

(nude) FW2016 Artishock Magazine