OFF-White most popular brand in the world

The Lyst style index crowned Off-White 'Most popular brand in the world in Q3 of 2018.

The story of the brand Off-White and designer Virgil Abloh really starts to look like a fairy tale. Worldwide the brand is picked up at lightning speed and is high on the wish list with many superstar, musician and fashionista. Virgil began his career with an internship at Fendi where he met Kanye West. Their 'click' as interns was the basis of the Off-White brand that he founded in 2012. Not surprising to be proclaimed as the most popular clothing brand in the world only 6 years later!

In 2018 Virgil Abloh was named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. What not many people know is that Abloh is also working as a producer and DJ. In 2018 he performed at the opening and closing party of Hí in Ibiza. At Artishock we also expect to receive an amazing collection for SS19. For now discover our most popular in-store and online items....













How to wear: Off-White

It is not easy nowadays to know everything. Certainly not in the field of fashion. These days you often have to be a fashionista to know how to wear something or how a designer intended his items. Fortunately, we at Artishock give you advice on how to actually wear it!

Justin Bieber was recently stopped in the United States by a police officer because he thought he had stolen the shoes he was wearing. Why? According to the agent in question, Bieber aroused suspicion because there was still a security label attached to his shoe. Justin was wearing a pair of Off-White shoes and had left the red label on his shoes. Case of fashion flash or fashion flatter?

Off-White is known for doing things differently and we at Artishock know all too well! We have just gone out to investigate and offer you the answer to your two frequently asked Off-White questions below!

How to: Leave labels hanging or not?

Just to get straight to the point: REMOVE THEM! We found an Off-White video on the official Vimeo page that is very clear... You should remove the label and zip-ties from your clothing! They were intended to ware not for resale! It also doesn't wear very easy, we can tell you! Then why are there any zip-ties on the items of clothing? This is probably due to Virgil's background as an architect. With this statement he wanted to re-contextualize the industrial zip-tie in the fashion world with a nod to his career trajectory.


How to: How do I wear the Industrial belt?

There are several roads that lead to Rome, as well as several ways to wear the industrial belt. Fortunately, Off-White gives you advice! Follow the video instructions to create your perfect look.

Now you are completely Off-White proof. Time to shop ....!


We will take a look behind the scenes at one of the most influential brands at the moment, OFF-WHITE.

"Do You Cheer"

Could high school–aged Virgil Abloh have foreseen the things he’s creating and the life he’s leading today? “The answer is no, but I’m equally not surprised; I was doing the exact same thing I’m doing now, just on a super-small scale,” he explained during a walk-through of Off-White’s women’s pre-collection, which bears the title Do You Cheer?

The looks had just been shot in a Paris sports club, where a local team that plays American football flexed their glutes while youthful models portrayed an Off-White melting pot of student style. Abloh said he has been thinking about his own high school experience as he’s begun preparing for his design exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in June. He found old notebooks full of sketches and recalls never feeling boxed into a clique (“I could freely sit at any lunch table”). These days, Off-White is among the industry’s most influential brands: Teens want ladylike bags and boomers are showing their relevance in luxury streetwear. Abloh, who has no shortage of other commitments, stayed within a familiar zone, iterating just enough to maintain a degree of topical interest.

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