Brand new: KASSL

New in the collection at Artishock, the jacket collection by KASSL!

Edgy, bold, eye-catching and completely contemporary. These are really the terms that jump straight into your head when you see the KASSL collection. KASSL is a fashion brand with only one item. The brand specializes in making the perfect, eternal coat in its own style. KASSL reinvented the authentic fisherman jacket together with a collective of fashion-literate friends from all over Europe.

In close cooperation with an expert manufacturer from the center of the German city of Kassel, the brand saw the fashion potential of this jacket that resulted in a current ladies clothing label. KASSL presents new editions of this striking jacket every fashion season.

The KASSL jacket has glued seams and ventilation holes at the back, making it water-repellent and breathable. Original functional details are buttons that are fastened with metal rings so that they never fall off.

All this ensures that KASSL presents chic and highly functional outerwear every season. Exclusively available in Eindhoven at Artishock!

KASSL Pink trenchcoat 

KASSL Beige trenchcoat

KASSL black trenchcoat

KASSL transparant trenchcoat