We will take a look behind the scenes at one of the most influential brands at the moment, OFF-WHITE.

"Do You Cheer"

Could high school–aged Virgil Abloh have foreseen the things he’s creating and the life he’s leading today? “The answer is no, but I’m equally not surprised; I was doing the exact same thing I’m doing now, just on a super-small scale,” he explained during a walk-through of Off-White’s women’s pre-collection, which bears the title Do You Cheer?

The looks had just been shot in a Paris sports club, where a local team that plays American football flexed their glutes while youthful models portrayed an Off-White melting pot of student style. Abloh said he has been thinking about his own high school experience as he’s begun preparing for his design exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in June. He found old notebooks full of sketches and recalls never feeling boxed into a clique (“I could freely sit at any lunch table”). These days, Off-White is among the industry’s most influential brands: Teens want ladylike bags and boomers are showing their relevance in luxury streetwear. Abloh, who has no shortage of other commitments, stayed within a familiar zone, iterating just enough to maintain a degree of topical interest.

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