Fashion items you want to wear in 2020

Do you need a little inspiration what to rock post-quarantine after being at home for a while stuck in sweats? Let us inspire you: here are 5 fashion trends you want to wear in 2020.

1. Paisley print

This gorgeous Etro dress isn't the only item we have with paisley print - easy to wear from summer to winter by making a switch from bare legs to boots.

2. Picnic prints

You know? The checkered prints in all colors. Guys, we've got you covered with this Palm Angels overshirt.

3. A-line dresses

There are a lot of tight fitting dresses available, but flared dresses are comfortable and especially nice to wear during this warmer weather. You're in the right place with this Valentino dress.

4. Bermuda shorts

It takes a little getting used to, but this fashion item is back! Style with a t-shirt or a nice matching blazer. This bermuda from Loulou is completely in style.

5. Orange

Many fashion icons have added orange to his or her wardrobe in 2020. Not the most common color, but hey: it is a mood booster. For women we have this outfit from Missoni and men are set with this Balmain sweater.