At home workouts

It may be difficult to hit the gym during these times, but that does not mean your gym schedule has to suffer! We are willing to help you get your routine back on track - or even discover a new one and share the socials of some of the best At Home Workouts Experts. And of course, some sport outfit inspiration!

Bodyweight and HIIT

If you are looking for a great muscle isolation workout or you want to challenge yourself by doing a sweaty HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, Maddie Lymburner from MadFit does it all. This Canadian fitness guru shares awesome home workouts on her YouTube channel and Instagram account so you can stay fit from your own home!

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After doing a pilates workout you will feel muscles you never knew you had! The only thing you’ll need is a yoga mat (or you can do it on the carpet, we won’t tell…). Cassey Ho, better known as ‘Blogilates’, shows how it’s done on her YouTube channel. You’ll be sweating FOR SURE.

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Where pilates focusses on strength and stability, yoga focusses more on flexibility and mindfulness. Yoga exercises are designed to unite your mind and body. By practicing yoga often, you’ll bring more harmony into your mind and thus into your life. Someone who can help you achieve your yoga goals is Adriene from Yoga With Adriene. On her YouTube channel you’ll find a lot of video’s where she will guide you through.

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What could possibly beat running outside? The Nike+ Run Club app (for iOs and Android) is the perfect running partner. With guided runs you’ll not only hear that you’re doing great, but also how to practice running perfectly. You can also keep track of your progress and even link your music playlists.

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