A new fashion season gives us many good reasons to start shopping. But it can also raise a lot of questions. And we understand that very well! Because if you read that neon is one of the trend colors for this upcoming spring and summer, alarm bells will automatically start to ring. Because how do you combine this neon trend? All those bright colors, all those combinations ...

Popping neon is perfect for details. For example, you are always in the right place with an accessory that features a neon accent. But you can certainly go for a piece of clothing. For example, choose a Dsquared2 or Dolce & Gabbana T-shirt or think of a blouse by Nude.

To make this neon trend more stylish than it appears at first sight, it is important that you combine the items with natural tones such as beige or cream. And in combination with your favorite jeans, neon is actually always good. Almost all fashion houses are participating in this neon trend from this season onwards, so there will be no way to escape!

Not such a dare? Be inspired by these selected items and who knows, maybe the perfect neon outfit is closer as you think!



A white T-shirt is always a nice basic,
but with this you are super trendy too!

This is a perfect example when we talk about details.
These all-over black sneakers have small neon details,
making them easy to combine with any outfit.

This is really a MUST HAVE,
with this you can really make any outfit neon-proof.
TIP: Discover also our neon belts by Off-White!




These high heels also fit perfectly in this row
due to the color combination. These look great
under a simple little black dress, or a cool outfit with jeans.

This bag is super because of the simple model
and the small neon accent! This way
you can use this bag for both a cool and chic look.

A neon green blouse sounds like a challenge!
But with nice simple jeans or trousers this is a super nice basic.


Enjoy your new NEON collection!!



How to wear: Off-White

It is not easy nowadays to know everything. Certainly not in the field of fashion. These days you often have to be a fashionista to know how to wear something or how a designer intended his items. Fortunately, we at Artishock give you advice on how to actually wear it!

Justin Bieber was recently stopped in the United States by a police officer because he thought he had stolen the shoes he was wearing. Why? According to the agent in question, Bieber aroused suspicion because there was still a security label attached to his shoe. Justin was wearing a pair of Off-White shoes and had left the red label on his shoes. Case of fashion flash or fashion flatter?

Off-White is known for doing things differently and we at Artishock know all too well! We have just gone out to investigate and offer you the answer to your two frequently asked Off-White questions below!

How to: Leave labels hanging or not?

Just to get straight to the point: REMOVE THEM! We found an Off-White video on the official Vimeo page that is very clear... You should remove the label and zip-ties from your clothing! They were intended to ware not for resale! It also doesn't wear very easy, we can tell you! Then why are there any zip-ties on the items of clothing? This is probably due to Virgil's background as an architect. With this statement he wanted to re-contextualize the industrial zip-tie in the fashion world with a nod to his career trajectory.


How to: How do I wear the Industrial belt?

There are several roads that lead to Rome, as well as several ways to wear the industrial belt. Fortunately, Off-White gives you advice! Follow the video instructions to create your perfect look.

Now you are completely Off-White proof. Time to shop ....!


For almost a century now, Kent & Curwen has stood as a model of authentic British men's clothing, known for its classic style, excellent materials and impeccable tailoring. Creative director Daniel Kearns has, in collaboration with David Beckham, a new blueprint for Kent & Curwen: a fresh look at the English heritage for the way men dress today.

Not many people know that David Beckham is behind the Kent & Curwen brand. If one of the most stylish men in the world hangs its name on a brand, then we are fans! K&C brings a nice classic basic collection this summer. Think rugby, cricket, the English romantic cottage feeling, Brit-cool and you have an idea. A very nice line that can be worn on a nice pair of trousers or on a pair of jeans perfect for the cooler spring days.

For AW|19 Kent & Curwen comes with a very cool Peaky Blinders collection. The hit series of Netflix that takes place in Birmingham at the time of the reclamation in the last century. Who does not know this tough look? When this line will come out is unfortunately not yet known.

Kent & Curwen is exclusively available at Artishock in Eindhoven.